Festive menu: 5 quick and easy meal ideas to make for Christmas

The end of the year celebrations allow you to get together with family or friends around the table. Turkey, foie gras, salmon, chocolate log, traditional flavors are available and reinvented. Whether you are a budding or experienced cook, put on your apron for an easy Christmas main course that will wow your guests. You don’t have time to linger in the kitchen? Don’t panic, we have 5 quick and easy recipe ideas to prepare for your Christmas menu.

Meat-based meals: poultry in the spotlight

Whatever your level in the kitchen, for Christmas, put the small dishes in the big ones. Opt for a stuffed guinea fowl capon , a poultry that is only found at Christmas time. In just a few minutes you can prepare a delicious foie gras and chestnut filling for your capon. Roughly mix your bread crumbs, which you will have soaked in milk, with an egg, foie gras and chestnuts. Season to your liking with the spices of your choice and brush your stuffed poultry with oil. Put in the oven and cook gently to obtain a tender flesh and a crispy skin, during this time you can prepare your side dish.

Recipe without cooking with fish

Gravlax, smoked, raw, cooked … salmon is appreciated in all its forms. To change from the traditional turkey, the salmon tartare lends itself readily to festive meals and brings a note of freshness. Requiring no cooking , 30 minutes is enough time to prepare this recipe. Dice your salmon and mix it with ingredients you like. Sweet and savory lovers will appreciate the exoticism of a recipe based on tomato, mango and hazelnut. Season with lemon juice, shallot, oil, salt and pepper, and let stand in the refrigerator.

The chic and festive seafood platter

The seafood platter will require very little preparation. Choose with your fishmonger quality crustaceans and shellfish freshly caught in your regions and compose a garnished platter. Before serving, proceed to cooking the shellfish in simmering salted water. Follow the advice of your fishmonger regarding cooking times. Then use your imagination to prepare a magnificent platter  of oysters, lobsters, lobsters, cakes, langoustines and shrimps, for example. Plan a rye bread and a homemade mayonnaise sauce to serve with your seafood. A dry white wine will go perfectly with the iodized flavors.

The accompaniments

To accompany your main party dish, we offer you a trio of vegetable recipes that are easy and quick to prepare, which can be paired with both meat and fish. In just 15 minutes, make mashed sweet potatoes. A real classic that appeals to both young and old alike, mix your potatoes with milk, butter and spices for a smooth and delicious mash. You can prepare a salad with your casserole of mash that will add crunch and freshness to your dish. Finish your accompaniment with a pan-fried mushroom, ideal for a Christmas meal. Sauté your vegetables in a pan for a few minutes and garnish with aromatic herbs.

Vegetarian dish

We also think of vegetarians with a tasty and generous main course. Indulge in the creation of a simple dish associated with a noble product: ravioli with truffles . Prepare the dough for your ravioli and let it rest while you get down to preparing the truffle and ricotta stuffing . This tasty and easy Christmas recipe comes together in 20 minutes. Guaranteed success!

Decline the flavors of the puff pastry fir for the starter and the dessert  : pesto and cheese for the salty and chocolate or jam for the sweet. Due to its fir shape, this quick and easy recipe is sure to impress your guests. After filling your two puff pastry doughs, draw a Christmas tree and roll the branches into twists. This recipe will amuse children, get them involved for a fun cooking workshop.

Whatever the season or the occasion, the meal is a special moment that brings everyone together. While there are no codes for festive meals, some dishes are scarce the rest of the year and are particularly popular at Christmas. Without spending hours in the kitchen, you can prepare an exceptional meal . Combine noble products with your daily recipes and prepare dishes worthy of a festive table.

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